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Informative and Comprehensive Resource for Talking to Teens about Money

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“As parents, you play a key role in shaping your children’s values and attitudes about money management.”

Talking to Teens about Money, a publication created by Consumer Action in partnership with Capital One Services Inc., is an excellent resource for parents.  It contains examples, worksheets, and helpful tips.  Topics covered include all of the Five Pillars of our Financial Literacy Resource Center:  Practice, Learn, Talk, Give, and Align Your Mind.

Easy Action:  Begin a money journal with your teen.  Teach your teen to figure out his or her current net worth.  Then, set a goal for updating this document routinely (Weekly?  Monthly?  What works for you?) and create a reminder system.

Resource at Your Fingertips:   Check out this article from TheMint.orgabout teens and tracking your net worth


Please vote on the Parent’s Promise poll that you will prepare your teen for adulthood with effective money habits and attitudes.  Our goal is to collect 500,000 votes to show the world that conscientious parents are making this life skill a priority at home.

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