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How to Talk to Your Teen about Money in a Way that Matters: The Ultimate Guide, Part 2

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Here is part 2 in our series that talks about how to have an engaging money conversation with your teen.

Quick recap of part 1:  We discussed the importance of making the conversation real; not just to you, but more importantly to your teen.  If your teen doesn’t see how it applies to them or what their role is, then what you’re saying will go in one ear and out the other.

Just as important to making the conversation real is making it matter.  They need to care about this just as much as you do.

Here is an example of a situation that doesn’t matter:

Your teen is taking a financial literacy course at school (great!), but you haven’t sat down to discuss it with her to set expectations for how she should apply what she is learning (not great).  Therefore, what she’s learning doesn’t matter to her and she will forget it in a heartbeat.

Consider this situation that engages and matters to your teen:

You talk to your teen about her life dreams and goals.  What will she need, in the way of money, to realize those dreams and goals?  AND how does she want to share her money for the greater good of humanity?  What is her plan?

When money is tied to dreams, goals, and making a difference, THEN it matters.  Engage your teen.  Get them thinking about what matters to them!

Have you tried to apply these pillars to your own situation?  Let us know how you were able to make the conversation matter to your teen!

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